Saturday, 14 July 2012

More views of the Golden Ears

The Golden Ears Provincial Park 

One of my favourite places to visit and enjoy.

As one of the largest parks in the province, Golden Ears Provincial Park is prized for its recreational opportunities.

The peaks were originally referred to as Golden Eyries, possibly for Golden Eagles that were observed near the summit. There is much confusion about the name, however, because of the twin summits the peak exhibits many people believe the mountain is named because they look like ears which become golden in the sunset light.

 Looking north from the Alouette River dyke 

  From the Pitt River dyke

 On the Pitt Lake dyke

 On the Pitt Lake dyke

From the Deboville Slough 

Taken en route to Pitt Lake 

Taken from the Pitt Lake dyke  

 Taken from the Alouette River dyke

Taken from the Pitt Lake dyke 

Taken from the Pitt Lake dyke 

Taken from the Pitt Lake dyke 

Looking across the Pitt River

 Taken from the Alouette River dyke

Taken from Harris Rd. en route to the Alouette River

Ospreys and Gulls at Rocky Point

Dad bringing home the weed
Ospreys nesting at Rocky Point, Port Moody
Mum feeding the day old chick - July 5th 2012
Poster  (Boy) or girl
Plodding along
Gently does it

Fly By